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Alternative Metro Travel Options

Alamein Line

Belgrave Line

Cranbourne Line

Craigieburn Line

Frankston Line

Glen Waverley Line

Hurstbridge Line

Lilydale Line

Melton Line

Pakenham Line

Regional Rail Link

Sandringham Line

South Morang Line

Stony Point Line

Sunbury Line

Upfield Line

Werribee Line

Williamstown Line

Sometimes, Metro's services are disrupted for various reasons. Buses and/or taxis are always ordered to transport passengers through the disrupted section, but replacement buses take time to arrive and are often overcrowded.

I have compiled a list of possible alternative travel options during disruptions. this list is by no means comprehesive, and shows only the most direct or fastest options. To find your line, click on the list to the left of the screen.

Please be aware that some bus routes are long and circuitous, and may take longer than waiting for Metro to provide alternative transport. Some bus routes may also operate limited hours, or have an infrequent timetable (where possible, I have mentioned these in RED).

I have colour coded the alternative options:

  • Train (blue) - It will often be necessary to catch a train on another line to connect with alternative transport to your intended destination
  • Tram (green) - Where available, trams make a good alternative to train, as they haave simlar operating hours, run frquently (usually every 8 minutes on a weekday off peak) and generally run in a straight line. They are, however, generally considerably slower than trains.
  • Bus (orange) - Buses provide an alternative to rail, but are often slower and less direct. Their operating hours are often much less than trains and the services are infrequent. In general, bus services have a 30 minute frequency and operate from 6am to 9pm weekdays, 8am to 9pm Saturdays and 9am to 8pm Sundays (if at all). Click on a bus route number to go to the official PTV timetable.
  • SmartBus (orange) - SmartBus services run extended hours (similar to train services) and are much more frequent than regulaar bus services (every 15 minutes or better on weekdays). These routes generally run via main roads and are more direct than regualr bus routes. Major stops also have electronic real time information displays, linked to buses via GPS. Click on a SmartBus route number to go to the official PTV timetable.

The list has been developed from maps and the PTV website, and has not been tested in the real world. Any feedback is welomed (by clicking the REPORT AN ERROR link above, emailing [email protected] or tweeting to @the_rail_life).







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