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About the Tramway

Bendigo Tramways operate a museum and operational trams on a restored section of the former Bendigo tram network. The tramway connects Bendigo's major tourist attractions, as well as being  tourist atraction in itself.

About the Route

There is approximately 4.2 km of restored track, running from the Central Deborah Gold Mine through the city centre to the Tramway Museum. It then runs past Lake Weeroona to the Bendigo Joss House Museum.

About the Trams

Bendigo Tramways has 17 operational trams from Ballarat, Bendigo and Melbourne. Click here for more information.

When do the Trams Run and How Often?

Trams run almost every day, normally on a 1 hour frequency between 10:00 and 16:00. Trams are more frequent on school and public holidays. Click here for timetable details.

Can I Get There by Public Transport?


Bendigo Tramways stop number 2 is approximately 700m north of V/Line's Bendigo station (an easy 10 minute walk along Mitchell St). V/Line trains run regularly between Melbourne and Bendigo.

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