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About the Railway

The Daylesford Spa Country Railway (DSCR) runs on the former Woodend (Carlsruhe)  - Daylesford line. The section of line between Daylesford and Bullarto has been restored for tourist operation.

About the Route

The line from Daylesford to Bullarto is about 11 km and takes 25 minutes each way.

The train runs mostly through bushland. All regular trains commence at Daylesford, and run to Bullarto (some services terminate at Musk, a journey of 4.5 km - 15 minutes).

About the Trains

The DSCR has many diesel railcars form the 1930s to the 1970s. The following are in serviceable condition:

  • 63RM - Diesel Electric Rail Motor (DERM) from 1930
  • 91RM - 280HP Walker articulated rail motor from 1950
  • DRC40 - Tulloch Diesel Rail Car from 1971

The DSCR also has an operational VR Y class diesel locomotive (Y159), which is used on works trains.

When do the Trains Run and How Often?

Trains run on most Sundays. There are generally 4 return services from Daylesford to Bullarto between 09:45 and 13:45, with a 5th return service operating to Musk departing at 15:00 (click here for more details) .

There is also "The Silver Streak", an evening train with drinks and finger food aboard the 1970s Tulloch DRC. The evening begins at 17:00 and finishes at 19:00, and is one return trip to Bullarto. The train runson the 1st Saturday of each month, with bookings required. More information is available by clicking here.

Can I Get There by Public Transport?

Yes! V/Line runs buses from Woodend and Ballarat Daylesford and Bullarto.

A suggested itinerary for a Sunday service (from Melboune)

  • 09:38 V/Line Bendigo train from Southern Cross to Woodend (arrival 10:39)
  • 10:45 V/Line Daylesford coach from Woodend (arrival 11:30)
  • 12:15 DSCR train to Bullarto and return (arrival 13:15)
  • 4 hours & 40 minutes in Daylesford
  • 17:55 V/Line coach to Castlemaine (arrival 18:32)
  • 19:03 V/Line train to Southern Cross (arrival 20:42)

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