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About the Railway

The Yarra Valley Railway runs on the former Lilydale - Healesville line. The section of line between Healesville and the Tarrawarra tunnel has been restored for tourist operation, and there are are plans to restore the line as far s Yarra Glen.

About the Route

The line from Healesville to the Tarrawarra tunnel is about 5 km each way and a return trip is 45 minutes.

The train runs mostly through rolling grassland and vineyards. Trains commence at Healesville and run to the Tarrawarra tunnel and return. Healesville is the only station currently in use.

About the Trains

The Yarra Valley Railway has the following operational rolling stock:

  • J541 - Victorian Railways J class steam locomotive (stored)
  • W250 - Victorian Railways W class diesel locomotive
  • 22RM - 153HP Walker railcar

Trains are generally run using 22RM. If 22RM is unavailble, track workers' trolleys are sometimes used.

When do the Trains Run and How Often?

Trains run on most Sundays and public holidays, as well as Wednesdays during school holidays. .

Trains run hourly from 10:00 to 16:00. Click here for timetables.

Can I Get There by Public Transport?


On Sunday, a direct bus (route 684) departs Southern Cross station for Eildon at 09:45, arriving in Healesville at 11:10. The return service departs Healesville at 16:00, arriving at Southern Cross at 17:30.

There is also a bus service from Lilydale railway station to Healesville. (Route 685) makes 5 return trips on a Sunday. Regular Metro Trains services run between Flinders St and Lilydale (journey time is about 65 minutes).




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